Meet the Balham butcher who's become the unlikely face of the Premier League


If you were choosing somebody to promote the Premier League in America, you might go for Wayne Rooney or perhaps a big-name celebrity football fan like Jay-Z.

You probably wouldn’t have chosen a London butcher called Gary – but that’s why you’re not pulling in the big bucks as a PR expert.

Because Gary Chadwick – a butcher based in Balham, south London – is the new face of Premier League football for NBC in the States.

And just a warning – this might be a tough watch if you’re a vegetarian or an Aston Villa fan.

The ad gives a little bit of help to any American fans struggling to understand the concept of relegation.

Gary told “They wanted a charismatic English butcher and said I was the ideal candidate. I’m told some of their people thought I was an actor and that if the meat game ever falls through I’d got another calling in life!”

This isn’t the first brush with Hollywood fame for Chadwicks.

The butcher sells what it describes as Hobbit Pies – because they supplied the catering for the premiere party of the Lord Of The Rings films.