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About Us

Follow Your Sport (FYS), a division of PPP Sports Management, is a digital destination for sports content, unparalleled event coverage and statistical indexing!

FYS is focused at providing a solution to every need of a sports fan, sports enthusiast and amateur sports person. A one stop hub, FYS, through its website and app, will cover multiple avenues in sports and fitness. Our editorial, graphic and video teams are driven to generate extensive original content on a daily basis to provide fans with the most comprehensive experience of their favorite teams and topics across all major sports.

As a portal we take pride in serving as:

A community – for all players and enthusiasts alike to express their opinions

A Platform – to read the unbiased views of the known and more so the unknown

A Newswire – to track scores, commentary and live updates

A Resource – for specialized statistics, focused insights and detailed analytics

Beyond the limelight of commercial sports, we also focus on homegrown talents by promoting and providing information about our local heroes.

Not only is this our profession but also our passion. And we are striving to connect the world through our common love for sports.