ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC wants to be an actor in the future!


Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one footballer who has always been in the spotlight, sometimes for his brilliance on the field and also sometimes for his theatrics off the field. Whatever may be the reason, the 34-year-old Sweden captain has never failed to deliver, he has lived up to expectations and has proved his vast credentials time and again.

Recently, Zlatan claimed that he could make a film about his life, his journey and then his success and portray the entire scenario into a 10-part saga just like the iconic movie saga ‘Rambo’ which starred Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone.

“There are talks but nothing has yet been decided,” Zlatan Ibrahimovic told Swedish newspaper ‘Dagens Industri’.

If this idea becomes a reality in the future, then fans all around the world could be experiencing a certain football saga which will provide confidence, motivation and inspiration to the entire world.

“Lots of other people do films about me, my life and make money but it’s obvious that if the subject of a movie is me then I should have control. There are talks in progress. We can make a lot of films about me. It would be like Rambo I to Rambo V — we could do Ibracadabra 1 to 10,” he added.

One can love him, one can hate him, but certainly no one can deny his presence, his influence, and his existence, that in a sentence is what Zlatan Ibrahimovic is to our dear Planet Earth!