WWE: 5 things to expect 3rd October’s RAW episode

3 months ago by Anirban Banerjee
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With two Title matches already confirmed, 3rd October's Raw will look to make up for the recent dip in ratings.

Here are five things one can expect in the upcoming episode of WWE RAW.
5. Sheamus and Cesaro confront the New Day
Sheamus and Cesaro were teamed together after the controversial final match of their best of seven series.
With their title match confirmed already, the next step for them would be to face the 400+ days WWE Raw Tag Team Champions – The New Day. It will be interesting to see how the two start their feud.
4. The US Title
The US Title picture is very unclear at the moment. With Rusev’s rematch ending in double-count out on last week’s Raw, this week will establish whether Rusev comes back at Reigns for one last title shot, or whether a new contender emerges for the US title.
3. TJ Perkins vs Brian Kendrick (Cruiserweight Title Match)
TJ Perkins will face Kendrick one more time for the Cruiserweight title. This match will decide whether TJ is a worthy Champion or not.
If Kendrick manages to get away with the title, then the whole picture of the Cruiserweight title will drastically change.
2. Sasha Banks vs Charlotte (WWE Raw Women’s Championship)
A first time one on one rematch for Sasha, this match will either go on to 'set things right' for Sasha or Charlotte will gain even more momentum by winning another title defense match. Some eyes will be on Dana Brooke who will have an outside role to play in the match .
1. Seth Rollins returns to action?
The biggest question on everyone’s mind is whether Seth Rollins has fully recovered from the injuries Kevin Owens had given him.
It is evident after last week that he will make a straight beeline for the Universal Champion.
If he has recovered there is a chance that he will have to face Chris Jericho before he is allowed another attempt at the title shot against Kevin Owens
With all this to look forward to, 3rd October's RAW is definitely a must watch.
Image Courtesy: @Njpwandchill


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