What exactly was Australia batsman Usman Khawaja doing to his team-mate's bum?


Can you imagine a prouder moment than standing arm-in-arm with your team-mates to sing the national anthem as you make your debut for your country?

And would that moment be spoiled at all if, just to pick an example at random, one of your fellow players chose that moment to give your bum a good fondle?

We only ask because that’s exactly what happened to Adam Zampa when he made his Australia debut against New Zealand in Wellington.

Footage has emerged of Usman Khawaja of, well, we’re not 100% sure how to describe what he was doing, but whatever it was he was really going for it.

Khawaja attempted to explain himself – sort of – when asked about the incident on Twitter.

We think that’s known as the banter defence.

Zampa went on to take two for 57 in an Australia victory.