Watch this referee give a master class in when not to blow your whistle


It’s always an excruciating few seconds. Added time is almost up, but the opposition is still on the attack. The referee has decided he’ll let the attack finish and all you can do is hope it comes to nothing.

Fans of Wimbledon had that experience on Saturday as their team faced Accrington Stanley, and they would have been pleased with the outcome. The Stanley fans less so.

Referee Trevor Kettle probably shouldn’t show his face around those parts for a while after this outrageous refereeing display.

Yes, that really did happen. As the first-half came to a close, the referee saw fit to allow Accrington to play the ball into the box. He saw fit to allow Billy Kee to take the ball into his body, and the referee also saw fit to allow him to turn.

Taking a shot was okay with the ref, but somewhere between the ball leaving Kee’s foot and entering the back of the net, the referee decided enough time had been played. We can’t explain it.

“I’ve never seen anything like it happen in all my 46 years playing and managing.

“He blew as the ball was on its way into the net. You can’t account for that. Everyone in the ground is flabbergasted.” said Accrington manager John Coleman. Never mind John, at least it wasn’t the World Cup.

The game ended goalless.


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