VIVO IPLT20 2016: Fans will get involved in helping the Third Umpire?


In order to attach some innovative ideas with the IPL brand, the BCCI has decided that the fans will have their say in the decisions referred to the third umpire in the VIVO IPL 2016

The IPL chairman Rajiv Shukla said “They will be given a placard, and whatever they say, out or not out, that will be caught by the camera and shown on the screen….but the decision of the third umpire will be final,” he added.

“This opinion will not matter to the third umpire, he will go as per whatever he sees on the (TV) screen,” he said, speaking to reporters at a function in Mumbai.

Whether this move is a hit or flop only time will tell. But it clearly shows that the BCCI is moving on the footsteps of the Australian Cricket Board which is credited for some extremely successful innovations in the game of cricket. Most lately, ACB was the first board to give the green signal to day-night test matches.