This is what happens when contract leaks show Neymar's wage at Barcelona is less than Jonjo Shelvey's


Football’s whistleblowing site ‘Football Leaks’, which earlier this season revealed the contract details of Gareth Bale and Antonio Martial, leaked Neymar’s contract with Barcelona yesterday.

The 13-page document published by the site appears to show that the Brazilian superstar earns a comparatively modest basic wage of £77,000 per week. However, the contract has a series of lucrative bonus fees and top-up payments mentioned inside alongside an assurance that, with bonuses, the footballer is guaranteed to earn a figure of at least £39.7million over the five years of the contract. This should bring his actual earning to the levels of what expected for a player of Neymar’s stature.

However, our folks at twitter was content to pick only the £77,000-a-week revelation and put it against Jonjo Shelvey’s weekly wage. The Newcastle midfielder currently pockets £80,000 a week, and according to multiple reports, the Magpies didn’t negotiate a pay cut for the midfielder should they get relegated to the Championship.

Suddenly, there is a Championship-bound player earning more than a Balon D’Or nominee, and the twitter went nuts. Here are some of the best tweets.