Doncaster Rovers' Twitter account produced this zinger after an unexpected put down by Sky Movies


The award for the unlikeliest Twitter feud of the day goes to Sky Movies and League One club Doncaster Rovers.

The Yorkshire club aren’t winning many matches on the field at the moment, but their Twitter account just won over plenty of new fans after producing an absolute zinger in response to an unexpected put down from the Sky Movies account.

Doncaster Rovers and Sky Movies

The feud was sparked by the tweet of an apparent Sky Movies user whose bio suggests he lives in Doncaster.

Whoever is running the Sky Movies account clearly did that bit of research before they responded. What they didn’t bank on was the fact that the official Rovers account was in on the conversation and the person who runs it is armed with a Yorkshire wit to quickly put them in their place.

Sky Movies back-tracked a little when they were called out, but not completely.

Twitter was quickly all over it.

And some Donny fans were glad to be able to celebrate some sort of win during a season in which they are fighting against relegation.

But as quickly as the Twitter storm whipped up it was gone again and the Doncaster Rovers account went back to reporting on the thoughts of their manager Darren Ferguson – whose dad wasn’t short of a decent comeback during his Manchester United days.


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