Snooker player reveals son taped over his world title video with a He-Man movie


Most retired sportspeople would be pretty chuffed if the crowning moment of their career was turned into a movie.

For 1986 world snooker champion Joe Johnson, who was a 150-1 outsider when he lifted the title, that was exactly what happened… well, sort of.

Johnson has revealed that years after taping his triumph on VHS he dug out the video to re-watch it only to discover it had been taped over – with a He-Man movie.

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The culprit was one of Johnson’s sons and, to add another layer to the story, he only discovered the replay was lost when he was about to show off his success to his eldest daughter and her boyfriend, who had wanted to see it.

To Johnson’s credit he appears to re-tell the story in some good humour – we sense the passing of time might have helped – and to be fair he could now claim to be He-Man’s newest alter-ego.

“It was for my eldest daughter,” the 63-year-old told the Daily Mail. “It was years after I’d won, I’d never thought to watch it back but her and her boyfriend wanted to see it so I said I’d find the tape.

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“The tape goes in and we are all sat around. We could watch the last couple of frames and the presentation, do it as a family, you know? Quite nice.

“Then on it comes, He-Man: Masters Of The Universe. Where’s my snooker?

“Wind on, it’s still not there. It’s gone. One of the boys had taped over the whole thing. Thanks, boys.”

We can confirm that there are highlights of Johnson’s success on YouTube so all is not completely lost.