Is this the greatest finish in sport history? Michael Jordan seemed to think so… and this time he didn't cry


It’s been described as one of the greatest finishes in sport.

You might want to factor some American hyperbole into that statement, but even Michael Jordan was left gobsmacked by Kris Jenkins’s title-winning buzzer-beater.

That’s a fair indication that the end to last night’s national basketball title game between Villanova and Jordan’s former college North Carolina is as good as it gets.

Think Sergio Aguero winning the Premier League title in the final seconds of the season, think Carlos Brathwaite clubbing four consecutive sixes to beat England in last weekend’s World Twenty20 final – well, for Americans, this was even bigger. And you can’t half tell by the celebrations.

Villanova vs. North Carolina: Kris Jenkins shot wins national title

Jordan famously sunk the game-winning shot in the championship game for North Carolina in 1982, but this time he was left to watch on in amazement and, while clearly disappointed, appeared to say: “Good shot”.

For Americans, Villanova’s success, their first since 1985, was also the chance to revisit something that has become something of a tradition on social media – the Jordan crying meme.

Ever since MJ conducted a teary-eyed speech after being inducted into the NBA’s Hall of Fame in 2009, his face from that night has been used in memes whenever something even slightly emotional happens in sport.

And while there were no Jordan tears last night, that didn’t stop Twitter.

The Jordan crying meme could get another run out soon too with the Golden State Warriors close to breaking the Chicago Bulls’ record for the most regular-season wins in an NBA season.


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