Raw vs Smackdown: Which segment was better this week?

2 days ago by Anirban Banerjee

We analyze which WWE segment was better in the 1st week of October 2016.

5. Opening

Raw: Raw opened with Lana asking for the last title opportunity for the United States Championship on the behalf of Rusev. After a brawl between Roman Reigns and Rusev, Reigns came out on top and announced that he would defend his title at Hell in a Cell inside the Cell. 3/5

Smackdown: Smackdown opened with a Bray Wyatt match against Kane match which ended in a count-out thanks to Randy Orton’s distraction. 2.5/5

This one goes to Raw.

4. Women’s Division

Raw: The Raw Women’s division this week had one of the best weeks so far, with Charlotte and Sasha Banks main eventing the evening, a first time in a dozen years, as Sasha came out on top as the new champion after an amazing match. 4.5/5

Smackdown: Smackdown women’s division had a singles match between Alexa Bliss and Nicki Bella being called off to be replaced with a tag match between Carmella and Alexa against Becky Lynch and Nicki Bella where Carmella and Alexa picked up the win. 3/5

Raw takes another one.

3. Ratings

Raw: Raw had an average viewership of 2.797 million, ranking as the number 4 show in the 18-49 demography with a cable score of 1.92. Raw ratings are up after last week’s low ratings.

Smackdown: Smackdown had an average viewership of 2.316 million down 1 percent from last week’s 2.340 million. For the 18-49 demography, it had a viewership of .73, holding steady. It was number 7, after three weeks at number 1, behind the Vice-presidential debate and MLB.

Raw takes this week’s ratings war.

2. Overall Matches

Raw: Raw had an excellent week as far as matches are concerned with the best match of the night being the Women’s division match, where Sasha beat Charlotte for the Women’s title in the main event. 4/5

Smackdown: Overall there were no special matches on Smackdown this week, with the top storylines going for promos before the Smackdown exclusive pay per view at No Mercy. 2.5/5

1. Impact

Raw: With Brian Kendrick and New day winning, Raw had a tremendous impact but the Women’s Title match was the most noteworthy. This win by Sasha also set up the first Women’s division match inside of Hell in a Cell, for the Championship rematch. 4/5

Smackdown: Smackdown had an immense week setting up the matches at No Mercy, with the feuds between Orton and Wyatt, Ziggler and The Miz, as well as the WWE World Championship Triple threat between Styles, Ambrose and Cena being particularly spectacular. The Miz and Ziggler feud is one of the best things that WWE has done since the beginning of the “New Era”. 4/5

So, overall Raw wins this week’s Showdown, 4-0, in the last show before the Smackdown’s Exclusive pay per view, No Mercy.

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