Mamadou Sakho took a selfie with a fan's phone he found on the pitch after Liverpool's winner


As fuelled by adrenaline Liverpool fans were when the final whistle blew against Borussia Dortmund, having seen their team win the game 4-3 after being 3-1 down at 65 minutes, Mamadou Sakho was on another level.

The Frenchman was unable to control himself, hugging anyone and everyone within reach. His equalising goal as well his performances this season have already made him a hero to Liverpool fans, but he’ll live long in the memory of one in particular:

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What a guy. The defender found a phone on the floor during the winning goal celebrations and took a selfie with it, and the owner was lucky enough to get it back.

Sakho doesn’t look overly thrilled in the picture but the rest of his reaction after the game said otherwise.

And, if his goal and overall performance wasn’t enough, declaring Liverpool a sovereign nation in his post-match interview will forever endear him to the Liverpudlians.