Watch as Petr Cech is likened to 'Beyonce' in one of the best ads involving Premier League players ever


Premier League footballers have a long history of making terrible ads – hello Joe Hart – but Arsenal trio Theo Walcott, Danny Welbeck and Petr Cech might have just broken the mould.

In a series of ads to promote Europcar, the Gunners have revealed some pretty handy acting skills, and in the newest edition Cech takes centre stage as he is likened to pop star Beyonce.

It’s entertaining stuff – which you expect from Arsenal, and even if you don’t think they’d win any awards – which you expect from Arsenal, then you can’t help but enjoy the ads.

There are further versions to follow where the players “tackle tyrannosaurs, goat emojis and unrequested drum solos” during a six-hour journey to a match.

Whether the writers took tips from Dennis Bergkamp on what players do in such circumstance we’re not sure, but certainly this 30-second ad has got us wanting more.

And certainly it has got us more enthused about footballers in ads given the fact we’ve been stuck with a stadium full of fans chanting about Joe Hart and dandruff for the past year.


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