Kobe Bryant 1996-2016: A Tribute to the Idol in the City of Angels


Kobe Bryant, the colossus from LA Lakers whose 20-year career ends with Wednesday’s season finale at the Staples Center, leaves behind a legacy of a human spirit. Fans all over the world have watched with fascination since Bryant declared his retirement intentions last November.

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It’s a really poignant thing to see how arenas during NBA have gone out of their way to give him gifts galore and shower praises on him.Even more beautiful to see, is that even though the Lakers were losing when Kobe hit a basket there would be thunderous applause.

Bryant has remained relevant ever since he played and his impact has also spanned decades.

The main thing that’s always inspired fans about Kobe is the diligence and discipline and selflessness that it takes to develop that sort of craftsmanship to play for the team. Yes, his critics have said he would play a selfish game but then you play to win.

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Most of all, he got five rings and clearly it worked. Shaq left, he got two rings [without him]. You can’t do that without being a leader, without understanding team dynamics and being loyal to the Lakers.

At the Staples Center, we will witness history, we will see twenty years fade away in the twinkle of an eye. Kobe has been a savant guy, focused on basketball, nothing else.

” Basketball is kind of like life, it can get rough at times,” said an 18-year-old Kobe Bryant in 1996. “You can get knocked on your butt … but what you have to do is get up and hold your head high and try harder.”

Uma Nair – Spurs fan