Kit clash alert! England v Belgium turned out to be seriously confusing


England’s controversial new kit has found yet another way to annoy fans.

As England’s women lined up against Belgium in a Euro 2017 qualifier, it quickly became obvious that there was something of a kit clash going on.

England’s kit – white, with those highly unpopular light blue sleeves – was, from a distance at least, remarkably similar to that worn by the Belgians.

Their away kit was also light blue – similar to England’s sleeves in fact – but on the TV screens of watching fans it looked pretty much white, making the whole thing very confusing.

It’s the first time we’ve been grateful for England’s red socks – those, along with the darker Belgian shorts, proved to be the key to working out what was going on.

It seemed the fans weren’t the only people who were confused, though.

England goalkeeper Karen Bardsley appeared to have no idea what was going on when her air kick let Janice Cayman in to score the opener for Belgium.


At least she had an excuse.

It’s like Manchester United and those grey shirts all over again…