Jamie Vardy shut down Piers Morgan on Twitter in the best possible way

Arsenal fan Piers Morgan is understandably nervous about his team facing Premier League table toppers Leicester and in-form striker Jamie Vardy next weekend.

So nervous, that he greeted news of Vardy’s new deal with the Foxes slightly differently to everyone else, hoping he could turn it to his advantage.

Yep, there was the message of congratulations but it didn’t end there…

Morgan explained he hoped the player would end up with such a hangover from celebrating that come Valentine’s Day – when Arsenal take on Leicester – he still wouldn’t be able to play.


But even better than Piers sharing his concerns was Vardy’s response.

Buzzing from the 3-1 victory over Manchester City on Saturday and his same-day signing of a new deal keeping him at Leicester until 2019 he had a swift comeback.

Did that just backfire Piers? Is Vardy going to be training even harder?

The bantz continued when Morgan posted 11 angry red face emojis.

He then explained his true fears, that Vardy will score against his beloved Arsenal, upsetting the London club’s own title chances.

If we weren’t looking forward to the game already, we are now.


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