FIFA chief Gianni Infantino in support of controversial plan to expand the World Cup to 40 countries


FIFA president Gianni Infantino defended his plan to expand the FIFA World Cup to 40 nations, the controversial plan has been severely criticized by public citing that the move would unquestionably dilute the quality of the prestigious extravaganza.

Infantino stated that expanding the World Cup to 40 teams from 32 sides would effectively accommodate more countries, thus further enhancing the popularity of world football’s showpiece event.

Infantino also proclaimed that FIFA are yet to confirm the distribution of eight extra places but explained that an outline of distribution has been temporarily drawn.

Quote Unquote:

“UEFA were criticized at the time by people saying ‘That’s almost half of the teams, the qualifiers will be as boring as ever, no one will be interested’, and the exact opposite came true, which is that it was great from a sporting point of view because many more teams have a chance to qualify, which means many, many more teams have the dream to qualify. It was great and it will be great for the World Cup in terms of popularity. Because you will have more nations involved in the World Cup. There is enough quality, we see it in Europe,” FIFA chief Gianni Infantino told Fox Sport 1.

“There would be of course more spots for everyone, for example, two teams more from Africa, one and a half more from CONCACAF, half more from South America, half more from Oceania, one and a half more from Asia, thus we arrive at 39. And the last spot should be played on the pitch somehow let’s see how by the one who will deserve it in the best possible way,” he added.