7 Reasons why India Won the Asia Cup Final


India just clinched the coveted Asia Cup, after beating Bangladesh by 8 wickets. The rain affected game was cut short by 5 overs each. The battle was tense as both the teams put in their best efforts to get the trophy. As India remain undefeated throughout the tournament, let’s have a look how India managed to add yet another feather in their cap.

Good toss to win

India won the toss and elected to field. Since the duration of game was shortened, it was far easier to chase than, it was to set a target. Indian skipper Dhoni was quick to judge the circumstances and made a wise decision to bowl first.

Disciplined bowling by India

Between the 5th and 12th overs Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja bowled tight, and did not give any room for big hitting. The Bangladeshi batsmen found it extremely hard to get the much needed boundaries .To India’s advantage, Bangladesh fell short of 20-25 runs.

Steady Batting by India

India did not lose a single wicket after Rohit Sharma’s early departure in the second over. Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan played a cool yet calculated game, as they defended and attacked in equal measures. The running between wickets was brisk which kept the momentum stable.

Partnership between Virat and Dhawan

The solid partnership of 94 runs between Virat and Dhawan laid the foundation of the Indian victory. Although Shikhar had been struggling to score significantly in the previous matches, he found his way back with a victorious knock of 60 runs in the final match. Virat kept his temperament cool as he rotated the strike swiftly with odd boundaries in between.

Weak fielding from Bangladesh

Due to the immense pressure from Kohli and Dhawan’s explosive batting, Bangladesh fielders struggled to keep calm towards the end and often let in extra runs due to the weak efforts in the field. Had the discipline in the field lasted, Bangladesh could have imposed a lot more pressure on Indian batsmen in the final overs.

Tremendous Batting by Shikhar

Shikhar Dhawan played one of the best innings of his career. The Delhi lad went on to hit an amazing knock of 60 off 44 balls. Supported by Virat at the other end, the two of them got timely boundaries and quick singles.

Dhoni’s promotion to No.4

The Indian skipper played a master stroke by promoting himself at number 4. Dhoni took the game away from Bangladesh in a matter of a few deliveries with his clean and powerful hitting. Dhoni and Virat scored 20 runs off 5 balls, in the 14th over bowled by Al Amin Hossain . Dhoni lived up to his reputation of being the best finisher the game has ever seen.

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