4 Reasons Why Rahul Dravid’s Selection As Test Coach Can Be A Good Thing for Team India


Indian cricket fans woke up to the pleasant news of BCCI’s advisory committee proposing Rahul Dravid’s name for the position of Team India’s next coach and mentor on Sunday morning. Veteran Indian batsman, Ravi Shastri had been playing the role of Team Director ever since previous coach Duncan Fletcher’s tenure got over. Ravi Shastri’s contract ended after India’s exit from the WorldT20.

While we don’t know what Rahul’s decision might be, but what we do know is that at the moment he is the best choice for the job. India’s best number three batsman and all seasons reliable, Dravid has more to offer to the team than just batting advice.

Let’s take a look at four reasons why he will prove to be a good coach!

1. Co-Player, Senior, Legend

Dravid has played alongside a lot of players of the current Test team. Dravid’s experience of having shared the dressing room and the field with these youngsters will come in handy if he decides to take the offer up. He will be able to communicate and understand the players and their game a lot better because of this one underlying factor. The fact that he is regarded as one of the most technically sound batsman (and player) of our era will help the players draw inspiration from him.

2. Been a Mentor/Coach Already

Rahul Dravid coached the U-19 Indian team for the recently held World Cup.The team reached the final of of the tournament without losing a single match. Although the team couldn’t win the cup, but India got a well mentored a confident crop of next gen cricketers. Dravid has also been the mentor/team director of the IPL franchise Rajasthan Royals and has experience of coaching internationals such as Steve Smith and James Faulkner. So he has a fair amount of experience in coaching as well.

3. Technical Genius, Stalwart Player

Rahul Dravid, as mentioned before was one of the most technically sound batsman during his time. His dedication to the game was absolutely unparalleled. Dravid scored where the pitch was helpful and he scored where it wasn’t. He was at one point of time India’s best overseas batsman. And above all, he scored runs with utter consistency. The likes of Rahane, Dhawan and Rohit could surely get his guidance for this.

4. ‘For the strength of wolf is the pack’

Dravid played with a penchant for playing good cricket and not only winning games. His prime focus was always to get his side through and he stopped at nothing until that goal was reached. Dravid was always flexible as a player. He essayed a variety of roles during his career inclusive of which are his stint as opener alongside Sehwag in and against Pakistan in 2006 and even as wicket keeper. He played not for individual laurels but for the team and the team only. If he can imbibe this one trait in the current team, we’d have a world beater.


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